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Advantages of Energy-Efficient Glass

Advantages of Energy-Efficient Glass

Advantages of insulated glass include:

  • Decreased energy costs, through helping maintain consistent temperatures. For example, in summer this will reduce heat gain while in winter, heat loss is significantly reduced.
  • Insulated glass qualifies for federal tax credits.
  • Fewer tendencies for condensation to form on inside glass areas.
  • Insulated glass can help soundproof your home through reduction of noise levels from outside sources.
  • Can increase property value.
Low-Emission Glass, which is a reflective glass gaining in popularity recently, is commonly utilized in both residential and office settings as it resists ultraviolet light and can reduce glare while protecting furnishings from sunlight exposure. This of course also reduces energy costs.

Low-Emission Glass advantages include:

  • Prevents sunlight exposure to save carpeting, draperies and furnishings
  • Significantly reduces sunlight glare within rooms
  • Allows sunlight in rooms without increased heat
  • Substantially reduces energy costs by controlling the climate within the dwelling

Energy-efficient windows are extremely important to manage energy costs in homes and offices.